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"This machine cannot be operated until the 10 centimes coin is inserted into the slot; when this is done, all you have to do is wind up the motor and one record only will be played, after which the motor automatically stops. The user can then change the needle and play another record by inserting another 10 centimes coin."
( French Gramophone catalogue 1903)
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This ancestor of the jukebox was certainly very user-friendly (!), but as you are unlikely to possess 10 centimes coins of the time, you'll just have to click on the titles ! There is something good about modernity !
All the recordings on this page are from early lateral cut records, some of which are more than 100 years old. A bit scratchy, I must admit, but essential documents of archaeophonology...

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Early lateral cut records (1887-1905)

Caruso - E lucevan le stelle Caruso - Fenesta che lucive
Caruso - La donna e mobile Caruso - Mattinata
Caruso - Pagliacci (1903) Caruso - Siciliana
Disque Aerophone - Georgel - le Jouet Disque Aerophone - Payan - l'Etendard de Jeanne d'Arc
Disque Arion - Dranem - le Cucurbitacée Disque Arion - Dranem - Les Petits Pois
Disque Berliner - London Military Band - Walkyrie Disque Berliner - Bergeret - La chercheuse de clair de lune
Disque Berliner - M. Leeawin - La Veritable Manola (1898) Disque Berliner - Mlle Lucette de Verly - Patrouille d'amour
Disque Berliner - Mme Guillon Brasseur - Connais tu le pays Disque Berliner - Va petit Mousse
Disque Perfecta - It's a long way to Tiperrary Gramophone simple face - M. Bravo - Les Gardes Municipaux
Emile Berliner - Twinkle, twinkle, little star (1887) Zonophone simple face - Coquelin - Tirade de l' Aiglon
Zonophone simple face - M.Ponty - l'emballeur, monologue comique Zonophone simple face - Un Meeting anarchiste
Emile Berliner - Auld Lang Syne (1890) Zonophone - Mme Rollini - Petit pâtre du Tyrol
Disque Fonotipia - Scaramberg, ténor : Gd air de Romeo et Juliette Disque Fonotipia - Scaramberg, ténor : Sicilienne (Mascagni)
Zonophone - M. Ghasne, baryton : Le Soir (Gounod) Odeon - Lise Landouzy : Elegie de Massenet (acc. violoncelle M. Fernand Landouzy)
Gramophone - Prof. Alessandro Moreschi (dernier castrat de la chapelle Sixtine) : Pie Jesu (1904) Gramophone - Prof. Alessandro Moreschi (dernier castrat de la chapelle Sixtine) : Hostias et preces (1904)
Zonophone simple face - Extr. du Malade imaginaire par les 3 Coquelin Zonophone simple face N° X-2003 - Le Corbeau et le Renard par Coquelin Ainé
Zonophone simple face N° X-1999 - Air des Bijoux de Faust par Mlle Aino Ackté Zonophone simple face N° X-2129 - Rêve de Théroigne de Méricourt par Mme Sarah Bernhardt

Automatic Concert : the 34 records in sequence !

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