Listening to Radio in bed...

Elementary, isn't it ? ?
Listening to a nice broadcast comfortably lying in bed would be a great pleasure, if it was not necessary to get up and turn off the radio. A remedy to this painful necessity has been imagined by our excellent Dutch friends of "Radio Bulletin", which should be a great help to thousands of listeners.
An alarm-clock A is set to the scheduled switch-off time. The bell ringing makes the frog jump (those creatures are very emotional) which, pulling a string, triggers the gun whose bullet hits the disc, moving the interdependent trolley which brings the lit-up candle E under the thread which burns and drops the old shoe onto the tail of a brave dog. The latter goes barking in pain and jumps, which moves the razor blade P, which cuts the thread holding a pillow R falling on the alarm-clock, thus smothering the ringing of the bell .
On the other hand, the barking of the dog (see above) scares the cat I on top of the stepladder. The cat jumps, spilling the water bucket S over the candle E, and the mouse K has just enough time to disappear into the hole T, rocking the artificial arm L which hits the bottom of the bottle of Champagne held by another articulated arm. Out pops the cork, hitting the target N, which rocks a lever which pulls out the mains plug. The radio is now unplugged…and the trick is done. Like all brilliant inventions, the above described device is very simple. It just had to be thought of !
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( Source unknown...Translation by JLF)

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